Virtual Null Modem. Feature Matrix


Virtual Null Modem supplies a two cut down versions called Virtual Null Modem Lite and Virtual Null Modem Standard. This versions omits some of the advanced features found in the professional edition and is ideal for users who either want a low cost solution or are not interested in more advanced features.

This page lists the principal features of Virtual Null Modem and identifies those features that are not available in Virtual Null Modem Lite and Virtual Null Modem Standard.

Virtual Null Modem Lite sells for 40% of the cost of the prefessional version. Users can upgrade to the standard or professional version at any time, simply by paying the difference in price between the versions. The actual software is identical, since the software protection key is used to configure the Lite or the Standard version. A code can be sent by email that allows the user to upgrade the software.

Feature set

The following table illustrates the main features in Virtual Null Modem and shows which of these are eliminated from the Lite or the Standard version:

Feature Pro Standard Lite
Creating, installing and removing of virtual serial ports occurs at real time Yes! Yes! Yes!
99.9% emulation Yes! Yes! Yes!
High perfomance Yes! Yes! Yes!
Supporting of WDM, WMI, Power Management, PNP, etc. Yes! Yes! Yes!
Menu-driven step by step set-up Yes! Yes! Yes!
Command line interface Yes! Yes! Yes!
On-line help Yes! Yes! Yes!
Number of virtual serial port pairs unlimited 3 1
Emulating of line control register (control of baud rate, date bits, etc) Yes! Yes!
Simulate a real-world data exchange with errors in data Yes!
Price (EUR) 55.95 35.95 25.95

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